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xxx pic of slutty domina with a whip You would be surprised to know, but the webcam arena is one of the best places to experience BDSM, spanking, caning and all sorts of mental & physical slapping.
From some reasons it happens to be one of the preferable places to hook up with kinky babes who enjoy spanking every now and then and are always happy to share that preference with you.

A good old fashioned spanking does not begin with the baring of your bare bottom nor end with delivery of the final stroke. Your OTK spanking should be anticipated. The anticipation may be further heightened by providing an exact time or leaving it completely open. Imagine the nervous tension arising while waiting in your room just before the actual event: you do not know if your panties are coming down in five minutes or in thirty minutes. But you know with certainty that they are coming down and your naked bottom is going to sense it clearly. The simple thought of sitting suddenly becomes very uncomfortable...

The anticipation is a very crucial ingredient while interacting with cam babes, as well. Your mutual spanking experience is not based on previous acquaintance. Therefore, you would always be surprised. You are not familiar with the cheeky chick habits and every moan or move she would make would be a revelation.

Once a spanking has been announced there is absolutely no way to keep away from it. Argument, pleading and protest are among the quickest guarantees to a successive spanking. Soon your spanking session will take place. You are firmly but politely order to "Come over here". The naughty babe would approach, hesitating and with a mischievous smile on her face. She deserves to be punished and she knows it. She would easily lift her skimpy French maid skirt and reveal her rebellious bare booty. You would open your palm and let the tip of your fingers feel the touch of her smooth skin. Don't hesitate, now it's the perfect time to hit the first slap...

And last, but not the least, the final touch is a tender one. You should pet her hair and cradle by love and peacefulness. However, for good measure you have to remind the naughty girl of the speed and ease with which her panties will come down again, in case she is not properly behave...

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